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10 Carb-Filled Foods to Break Passover

All week, we've been eating matzah in all of its forms, but the end is in sight. So let's get ready to break passover in style; Pure Tio Simon Style!!

Start delighting yourself with these mega yummy carb-filled leavened foods, (some classically Jewish, some simply crave-worthy) that those who celebrated the recent Jewish holiday can finally enjoy again!

Venezuelan Tequeños (Cheesesticks) Tio Simon

These ones have been calling my name way before Pesach. So I think is just right about time for me to devour these ultra mega delicious Tequeños, once Passover is over. Would you join me? =)

Oh Wait! if you are into sweets like me, then these ones are a must try!

Cachapa (Corncake) with Cheese Tio Simon

Seriously if you don't add this one to your shopping bag, I can assure you have not idea still what's good in life. Breaking Passover with Cachapa Tio Simon will make you feel in heaven.

Venezuelan Empanadas with Cilantro Sauce

These are "Hetzi Clutch" to my taste, but hey I am sure more than one of you love them, so why not to include them on this Carb-filled filled foods to break passover? You can find our empanadas in different Miami Supermarkets, for more info go here.

Cachitos with Jam & Cheese Tio Simon

And if you are into Croissant with Jam & Cheese, then you must try our latest addition, "Cachitos Tio Simon".

Yalla, Tequeñeate with Tio Simon! ;)


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